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    When it comes to surgery of any kind, even routine and relatively minor surgeries, wouldn’t you prefer a surgeon with both experience and knowledge? With over almost 40 years of experience, Frederick W.Barker, MD FACS, has performed thousands of surgeries. More importantly, he’s learned that there’s no such thing as a “routine surgery.” Dr. Barker gives his patients the full attention they deserve, whether it’s removing a small skin lesion in the office or performing a major cancer operation.

    General Surgery Q & A

    What are the general surgery operations Dr. Barker performs?

    Dr. Barker is a board certified general surgeon who specializes in breast surgery. However he also routinely performs: gallbladder surgeries, hernia surgeries, appendectomies, and colon surgeries to name a few.

    Gallbladder surgery
    If you develop problems with gallstones, Dr. Barker has decades of experience performing cholecystectomies. In fact, he is almost always able to perform the operation laparoscopically. However, because he trained in the era before laparoscopic surgery, he is also very experienced with open gallbladder surgery. Occasionally, when it may appear safer to convert a laparoscopic surgery to an open procedure, Dr. Barker can rely on his many years of practice before laparoscopic became available.

    Hernia repair
    A hernia repair is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States, with over 800,000 procedures each year. Hernias may be located in the groin, at the umbilicus, or at the site of previous surgery.

    Appendectomy for acute appendicitis is one of the more common emergency surgeries that general surgeons are called to do. Usually, Dr.Barker is able to perform this procedure laparoscopically. However, in small children, Dr Barker usually prefers to do the procedure through a small incision open technique.

    Colon surgery
    Colon cancer surgery as well as surgery for the complications of acute diverticulitis are operations with which Dr. Barker has decades of experience. In those unusual situations where even more specialized care may be preferable Dr. Barker has long standing professional relationships with colorectal surgeons in WV,VA and NC.

    What happens after my surgery?

    Dr. Barker makes sure each of his patients receives the proper care before, during, and after surgery. Whether your surgery is an outpatient procedure or you need a hospital stay, Dr. Barker feels responsible for coordinating all aspects of your care, from start to finish.

    When you head home, Dr. Barker will make sure you have detailed post-operative instructions, and is always available to you to answer any questions.

    For more detailed information about a few of the surgical procedures that Dr. Barker regularly performs, you might like to visit the “Resources” tab on this web site and click on the specific operation you want to learn more about.

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