Audio Narration by Dr. Barker:

    The ability to view a person’s internal structures without resorting to open surgery has been a game-changer in modern medicine. A board-certified surgeon, Frederick Barker, MD, is also an experienced endoscopist. This helps him diagnose and treat medical and surgical problems of the digestive tract non-invasively.

    Dr. Barker has nearly 40 years of experience performing upper and lower endoscopy. This includes removing polyps, biopsy and diagnosis of benign and cancerous growths in the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, and colon. Dr. Barker has extensive experience not only performing screening procedures, but also with controlling bleeding in the upper and lower GI tract, performing balloon dilatation of strictures (scar tissue narrowing ), and removal of food stuck in the esophagus. Dr. Barker places feeding tubes endoscopically when needed for long-term nutritional support. Click here to learn more.