A community of women rallying together to keep life saving technology in Bluefield

BLUEFIELD (WVVA) A community of women are rallying together to keep life saving technology in Bluefield.

Dr. Frederick Barker arranged for a trial run of an advanced radiation treatment option for women with early-stage breast cancer called intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT). It’s a one-time radiation therapy and Dr. Barker has used the treatment on several patients at Bluefield Regional Medical Center.

The lease with IORT has run out and the unexpected hospital merge of BRMC to Princeton Community Hospital has left some questions about the future of IORT unanswered.

Now, it’s a matter of working together and spreading awareness about the future of medicine that is already right here in Bluefield.

“That machine was a blessing,” said Charlotte Scott. “One treatment.”

“It’s hard to go every day,” said Sharon Brown. “It’s a miracle. Its given me treatment, but it has given me the opportunity to live my life.”

For the women who gathered on Friday, the lack of concern for women’s medical issues in the area is alarming. They say it is important to speak up so that the daughters and granddaughters of the two Virginias have access to the most advanced options available.

With strength in numbers, the women and Dr. Barker, hope to secure IORT permanently.


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